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  • Shoei RF-1200 Marquez 3 Helmet (Size LG Only)

    The pinnacle of flawlessness, the RF-1200 has been outlined, from its initiation, to be an industry pioneer in consolation, execution and security. Th
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    The pinnacle of flawlessness, the RF-1200 has been outlined, from its initiation, to be an industry pioneer in consolation, execution and security. The wind burrow tried shell has been optimized to supply a compact and streamlined shape, lessening wind-noise, buffeting and weight. Shoei has not as it were planned the RF-1200 to be one of the foremost comfortable helmets on the showcase, but moreover one of the most secure, meeting both DOT and SNELL M2010 security standards.

    Whether you're a track day devotee or cross-country motorcycle, the RF-1200 will permit you to ride with certainty, liberating you to concentrate on the street and most importantly....enjoy the ride.

    One of the foremost vital highlights of a quality helmet is that you simply barely know it’s there securing your head.Shoei has diminished the weight of the RF-1200 by employing a slimmer plan and building a particular line into the side of the helmet that moreover serves as an highlight. As a result, the unused Shoei RF-1200 is lighter than any other Snell certified head protector within the current Shoei lineup.

    The thin plan of the Shoei RF-1200, with its unmistakable highlight cut line, broadens the bottom of the helmet to assist ease the method of putting the RF-1200 on or taking it off. Assist progressing the consolation of the Point+ shell is the industry driving four shell sizes that the Shoei RF-1200 comes within. The impact-absorbing double liner comprises of two layers joining diverse densities, making a difference to successfully adjust the potential affect connected to the more inflexible shell.

    Through advancements within the streamlined shape, made strides interior linings and a unused and made strides shield system the rider will involvement an awfully calm and comfortable riding involvement. The interior of the RF-1200 has accomplished a adjust of a comfortably delicate fit and a firm, steady hold. The unused plan of the cheek pads too progresses the movement of the neck, hence making a difference the rider to check activity behind him/her for example.

    The CWR-1 Pinlock shield highlights ribs on beat and foot of the shield to make strides rigidity and eliminate bowing of the shield caused by wind weight or the opening and closing of the shield. Free beading within the beat and sides of the Shoei RF-1200 offer assistance to keep the seal of the shield tight and dispense with any abundance discuss. In expansion to the CWR-1 shield, Shoei has created a unused base plate for the RF-1200. The Quick-Release Self-Adjusting base plate is spring-loaded and pulls the shield back onto the head protector, fixing it firmly against wind and rain.The expansion of a five-stage turning dial permits for fine tuning of the base put for simple shield adjustments.

    A huge lower three position vent, three upper discuss vent immaterial and four extraordinarily situated upper debilitate outlet vents combine with the Double Thickness EPS liner to permit cooling discuss to travel unhindered through burrows made within the EPS liner.

    Note: Due to manufacturer limitations, Shoei items can as it were be transported to addresses inside the Joined together States.

    More Information
    • Four shell sizes
    • Dual density EPS liner
    • Superior ventilation
    • 3D Max-Dry System II Liner
    • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) CWR-1 Shield System
    • Neatly secure chin strap
    • Includes Pinlock pins and lens insert
    • Includes breath guard and chin curtain
    • Snell M2015 and DOT Certified
    Weight 3.5000
    Riding Style ADV/Touring, Sport
    Shape Intermediate Oval
    Brand Shoei
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