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  • Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet

    Shoei RJ Platinum-R Helmet is contemporary styling along with a fully removable, washable, adjustable interior, enhanced ventilation performance, and remarkably quiet riding experience. The RJ Platinum-R establishes a higher standard for what an open-face helmet should be. Combined with SHOEI's heritage of fine craftsmanship and benchmark safety technology, you’re left with the world’s premier open-face helmet.

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    Who says open-face helmets have to be no frills? Much appreciated to contemporary styling together with a fully detachable and launderable inside, improved ventilation and a surprisingly calm riding experience, the Shoei RJ-Platinum R helmet sets up a better standard for what a 3/4 helmet ought to be. Combined with Shoei's legacy of fine craftsmanship and benchmark safety technology, you're cleared out with the world's premier open faced helmet.

    Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, Shoei products can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.

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    • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) shell
    • Adjustable top intake and rear exhaust vents
    • Dual layer liner allows for smooth passage of air, improving cooling performance
    • Shoei's distinctive OpenRoad visor
    • Soft and comfortable 3D liner
    • Removable/washable inside
    • Cheek pad channels for eyeglasses
    • Padded chin strap
    • DOT and Snell M2015
    Weight 2.9100
    Riding Style V-Twin
    Shape Intermediate Oval
    Brand Shoei
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    02-691 3XL/Black
    02-692 3XL/White
    02-693 3XL/Light Silver
    02-695 3XL/Matte Black
    02-630 2XL/Anthracite
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    02-628 LG/Anthracite
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    02-626 SM/Anthracite
    02-625 XS/Anthracite
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    02-621 MD/Light Silver
    02-620 SM/Light Silver
    02-619 XS/Light Silver
    02-666 2XL/Crystal White
    02-665 XL/Crystal White
    02-664 LG/Crystal White
    02-663 MD/Crystal White
    02-662 SM/Crystal White
    02-661 XS/Crystal White
    02-660 2XL/Pearl Grey
    02-659 XL/Pearl Grey
    02-658 LG/Pearl Grey
    02-657 MD/Pearl Grey
    02-656 SM/Pearl Grey
    02-655 XS/Pearl Grey
    02-654 2XL/Matte Grey
    02-653 XL/Matte Grey
    02-652 LG/Matte Grey
    02-651 MD/Matte Grey
    02-650 SM/Matte Grey
    02-649 XS/Matte Grey
    02-635 XL/Matte Black
    02-633 MD/Matte Black
    02-631 XS/Matte Black
    02-611 XL/White
    02-609 MD/White
    02-607 XS/White
    02-605 XL/Black
    02-603 MD/Black
    02-601 XS/Black
    02-641 XL/Wine
    02-639 MD/Wine
    02-637 XS/Wine
    02-636 2XL/Matte Black
    02-638 SM/Wine
    02-640 LG/Wine
    02-642 2XL/Wine
    02-602 SM/Black
    02-604 LG/Black
    02-606 2XL/Black
    02-608 SM/White
    02-610 LG/White
    02-612 2XL/White
    02-632 SM/Matte Black
    02-634 LG/Matte Black